Welcome to the Lean Green Suburban Machine

Hello! This is the new face and home of The Suburban Homestead, a sustainable living blog with a suburban twist. Here we can explore greener household techniques, creating sustainable communities, handmade and homemade goodies, and the joys and frustrations of DIY living.

Long time readers can still expect tips, recipes, product reviews, and the occasional soapbox rant. The primary change here will be the intent to encourage a more communal atmosphere which is more focused on coming up with new ideas together than on putting my own work on display. Guests are encouraged to jump right into the comments and participate in the community, because despite what I like to think, I do not have all the answers, and I appreciate learning from other folk. Together I think we can find new ways to make the burbs more sustainable without giving up the comforts that make life enjoyable!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Lean Green Suburban Machine

    • Thanks, Chris! I went through a lot of hang wringing over the name, so I’m pleased to hear you like it. I almost went with Nearly Respectable (because it’s sassy and available as a URL), but it just didn’t say enough about the topic.

      I was pretty upset at first when I learned that the URL for The Suburban Homestead wasn’t available, but now I think the fellow who snapped it up (just 24 hours before I tried to!) for the next three years did me a favor.

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