Compost Bin: January 29, 2010

This week had been rough. I got the H1N1 vaccine Monday, and I have yet to recover. I’ve had headaches, muscle pains (like after a really intense workout, only minus the workout), and fatigue. I wake up ready to go to sleep. Perhaps the flu itself would have been no worse.

In my sleepy haze I have been poking around online, and I found a few things worth sharing. Check them out while I brew another cup of tea:

  • Burned out? So are your kids. I have certainly been feeling burned out lately. I don’t know if it’s the vaccine, the season, or my recent workload, but I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. This makes me wonder if my daughter is impacted by my fatigue.
  • 5 ways to put the joy back into going green. I don’t think I’ve so much got Green Burnout as Green Despair, but either way this bit was good booster shot to keep me keeping on. More than ever, I think the solution is going to come from the people not from the government or the corporate world, and keeping your own life honest is the surest way to make an impact, however small.
  • Rewire your eating brain. I agree that fast food is a huge part of the obesity epidemic, but rewiring yourself to avoid fast food simply isn’t enough. I eat a diet of wholefoods as described in the article, but I still struggle with my weight. There is no one easy solution.
  • Ted Talks-VS Ramachandran: The Neurons that shaped civilization. I have always been fascinated with the mirror neuron. This talk explains why.

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