Snow Panic, or Why I love a good Snowstorm

This is what I hope tomorrow looks like.

Good news! There is a major winter storm bearing down on the Homestead! We expect about a foot here, and our neighbors to the south can expect up to two feet. I love, love, love, love, love a good snowstorm, and it is certainly welcome after the way this past week went.

I ran out this morning to pick up my standard snow storm emergency supplies (hot chocolate, whipped cream, marshmallows, and waffle ingredients), and to people watch.

There was something a little different about today’s panic shoppers.

Usually before a big storm my fellow citizens are stocking up on bread, milk, batteries, ice melt, and shovels. I know this because I am usually there with them acquiring my aforementioned snowstorm necessities and enjoying the show. This time I saw them loading their cars up with big bags of ice, which is certainly out of the ordinary for the normal pre-storm rush. I mean, we’re about to get all the free frozen water anyone could ask for! Then I saw the store frantically setting up tables with platters of prepared chicken wings and the horrid cookie cakes with the edible printer produced football logos slapped on top. The Superbowl is this Sunday, and I guess people don’t have faith that the roads will be cleared in time for them to get out to pick up their party supplies before the big game.

I think we’ll be ok, though. The snow is supposed to stop by Saturday evening, and it doesn’t take more than a few hours to clear the roads completely. By Sunday morning the fun of being snowed in will be over, and I’ll be able to pop out to pick up whatever football foods I decide to prepare.

I find it interested, though, that people still stock up several days worth of food ahead of a big storm, despite the fact that a major snow event here no longer means days of isolation. Do you think humans are hardwired to hoard food and hunker down when bad weather approaches? I suspect that we are. It would have made sense in a time without snow plows and four wheel drive.

If it all goes as wonderfully white and fluffy as I expect it to, I promise to take some lovely photos of the Things and Ginger playing in the snow tomorrow to give a little mood lift after yesterday’s downer of a post. It’s a shame Sidney won’t be here for the storm, though–her husky half always loved a good snow day as much as I do.

One thought on “Snow Panic, or Why I love a good Snowstorm

  1. I hope you get all the snow you want! I agree, I think we are hardwired for hunkering down- it’s self preservation; a primordial instinct. You get ready for snow, we get ready for hurricanes.
    Good luck!

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