Home Brew Update: Holiday Cheer Ale Review

Hubby happily hoists a pint.

It’s snowing again. Blizzard snow, and lots of it. I’m starting to feel like we live in Narnia under the White Witch, and I expect Mr. Tumnus to come calling for tea at any moment.

Last night we decided to have a bit of fun with dinner, what with the massive snow storm approaching and it being LOST night (I’m a huge Lost fan). Hubby and I cracked open the first two bottles of the Holiday Cheer ale to go with the pizza mac and cheese Thing 1 made (with a lot of help) for the family.

The brew had a pretty reddish color and a lovely head. I found the taste very bitter and hoppy, with a very heavy spice flavor. I didn’t exactly love it, but Hubby’s impression was different and far more favorable. Since I am still dealing with a lingering head cold that is impacting my ability to taste properly (I really should have waited a few more days before giving the brew a try), we’re going to go with his review until further notice. He enjoyed it tremendously, and said it went well with the dinner. I’ll give it another chance in a few days, after my head has returned to normal.

UPDATE: Just tried this beer with a coconut milk curry, and it was fabulous. The bitter spiciness was a perfect pair for the deep spices in the curry. Maybe it just didn’t play nice with the tomato sauce on last night’s meal!

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