Seedlings Update

Little baby plants.

Everything has sprouted, but many of my little plants are already looking a little bit leggy. I think the lights are too far above the baby plants. I think today I will move them from the kitchen counter to a table in the basement, where I can clamp an adjustable lamp and arrange it much closer to the plants.

This will be useful, since we are now spending a lot more time at the kitchen table so that we can be close to the puppy, who spends a good deal of his time gated into the kitchen with its easily cleaned tile floors.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to get two more trays going. I have a lot of flower seeds to start, and I want to do a full tray of basils. I also found kale seeds, finally, as well as zucchini which I somehow managed to forget in my first round of buying.

Outside things are starting to feel like spring, and it’s time to get to work on the garden bed. I have one main kitchen garden, and this year I want to add another bed somewhere out front. Or maybe two beds. Or maybe four small ones, arranged in a more formal garden. I need to make some decisions before getting the shovel out.

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