Book Review: Tribal Leadership

Last week I finished reading Tribal Leadership, by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright. The book discusses the natural cultures that develop in medium sized groups of people (50-150), and how to make those natural cultures work for you. This book was well worth the time spent reading it, and it gave me a new perspective on how people work together (and why sometimes they can’t manage to work together well at all).

I am not going to do it justice if I try to describe how completely mind-opening the read was, so instead I’d like to show you a talk given by Dave Logan, one of the authors:

You can also read more about the Tribal Leadership concept on their website, and download the audiobook for free. Please do! It’s well worth your time to read or listen to this book, especially if you want to change the world (or at least your own corner of the world).

In summary: Tribes come in five stages, and the ideal we can aspire to is a Stage 5 tribe. Right now, here, with you folks, we’re a Stage 3, or to be more accurate I’m a Stage 3 that you bother to read about. This blog is me telling you how great the stuff I’m doing is. I make beer; I bake treats; I garden, and then I post pictures about my adventures. Even I’m getting a little bored of my own exploits.

Do you want to try something different with me? Something more collaborative? What would you like to read about here? Would you like to be a contributing blogger? Should we pick a different challenge each month related to suburban living and put our minds together to collaborate some solutions? Lets discuss things in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Tribal Leadership

  1. Allison!!!

    This was brilliant and I loved all of the talk!!!

    Thanks for posting this. I was not aware of Dave Logan. Look forward to knowing more, and sharing these thoughts. TED is always such an amazing turn on, so I know it is extraordinary stuff if I am writing at 2 in the morning.

    The whole awareness towards “Tribe” consciousness is picking up a lot of momentum, so it is crucial and so helpful having people like Dave Logan frame our feelings and thinking, especially as our structures of current tribe levels seem to be on rather shaky grounds these days.

    Recently I have been meeting with groups that are circling the same tribe ideas from various modes. One being from Bill Plotkin and his ideas expressed through his book, Nature and the Human Soul. Very intense and hopeful ideas behind moving from ego-centric, to soul-centric social commons. Another brilliant stepping stone in the right direction.

    I have also connected with another collaborative form in the energy of “The Awakening the Dreamer Initiative.”

    Tons of good things happening, but I do get tired being on hyper-absorption mode lately.

    Thank you again for finding this TED talk, and I hope you are getting closer to some garden earth time. We are still a ways off and are still having snow, but that is good, the weather is nudging us inside, mentally, physically and spiritually!

    P.S. ~ I was so excited about the beginning of your post, I did not even get to the last bit it, until just now. I will contemplate that and be back with ideas. Plus I want to absorb the TED talk a few more time and read some more!


    • Thanks for sharing those links, Chris. They look interesting. I’ll have to add Plotkin’s book to my reading list.
      I look forward to hearing your ideas for how to build a better tribe here!

  2. Good to hear from you both! I’ve been busy as anything with work–looks to me like the economy is starting to recover, and I have been neglecting the blog. I think I need to recruit some other folks to contribute.

    After reading Tribal Leadership, I picked up A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink, which was a great read that should be reviewed here. I’m currently plowing through Pink’s next book, Drive, which is about motivation.

    As for solving all of suburbia’s problems…where should we start?

    • I was so impressed with the ideas coming out of Daniel Pink, I personally contacted him. His thoughts on creativity and motivation that I saw on TED, blew me away. The concept of “Motivation” has been center, front row and crucial to “Solving Challenges” lately. Nurturing holistic motivation and inspiration is so much of the key for every forward moving action these days, so we do not as you know, reinvent the dysfunctions we are now facing…

      We are getting there, hopefully. Like this economic tsunami our planet is in, finally I am hearing people say and think, “Lets not recreate this carnage again!” But, these changes to the way we do things is going to be massive, and positive, because one thing is for sure, the millions of tribes out there are tired and angry of following paradigms that are destructive to the well being and happiness of life…

      There is not a lot of room and allowance for passive, or ill motivated tribal participation on any level these days. Our real life movie needs highly prudent editing on all levels…

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