Ultimate Transformation Challenge: Week 3

I took some post Phase 1 photos last night, and they look exactly the same as my pre-Phase 1 photo. Rather than seeing the same photo again, instead enjoy this shot of me demonstrating sahaj uttanasana.

Today marks the last day of Phase 1 of my Ultimate Transformation Challenge. My results to date are underwhelming. Not only have I lost very little weight, but the composition of my body has changed very little, if at all. My energy levels have been lower than they were before I started, and my attitude is crap. I find myself asking why I should continue to follow a program I do not enjoy for such piddling results.

I think my struggle with this program comes down to two things: 1. the constant measuring and obsessing over when I can can eat how much of what has taken away most of the joy and creative expression I used to derive from cooking and eating food; and 2. the program does not allow me to eat the amount (and therefore variety) of fruits and vegetables I was able to eat before, with all their lovely micronutrients. The first is causing my crap attitude, and the second is contributing to my lower energy levels.

Tomorrow I will attend the seminar launching Phase 2, and I guess we’ll see if that improves things. Right now, though, I am ready to throw in the towel. The only things keeping me going at all are the commitment I made to give this the full 12 weeks and the stupid amount of money I paid to back up that commitment.

After two weeks, here’s where my stats are (and what progress I’ve made since the beginning):

  • weight: 140.0 pounds (-2.2 pounds)
  • waist: 30″ (-1″)
  • hips: 38″ (-0.5″)
  • thigh circumference: 22″ (-1″)
  • calf circumference: 14.5″ (no change)
  • outlook: Discouraged.

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