Fitness Update: 2011 Week 10

There I am, trying to get over my fear of cameras and holding my lunch, which included crumbled tempeh sausage over smashed potatoes with onion and pepper, and a side of freshly steamed broccoli.

This week I was finally able to get back into something like a regular routine, and it seems that my health and fitness progress is back on track. My weight is a little up  (to 140), but that’s expected given that I spent the previous week doing little more than watching television (thank you, virus, for letting me watch so much Agent Mulder). I’m sure my weight will come back down after another week or two of solid workouts, so I’m not worried.

Now that I’ve stopped strictly following the UTC, I’m finding myself a bit happier and not so hungry all the time. Food is again a source of pleasure rather than stress (how can you enjoy meals when you’re too busy worrying about the exact volumes of carbs left in your daily allotment?), and I can eat a mid-week cookie without feeling like I’ve failed the Universe in some huge way. I can exercise without worrying about whether the type of exercise I feel like doing is appropriate for the type of eating I’m supposed to do in a given day. The return to freedom has given me the opportunity to get in some really enjoyable exercise this week that suited my energy levels rather than my charts:

  • Sunday I ran a total of 3 miles doing HIIT training, which was alternating between sprints and an easy jog.
  • Monday I indulged in 40 minutes of kettlebell training.
  • Tuesday I did a 3 mile run in about 30 minutes, keeping a steady pace.
  • Wednesday I went to classes at the dojo. The first was a 45 minute strength and conditioning class, followed by a 45 minute MMA class. These were wonderful.
  • Thursday I took a well deserved day off.
  • Friday I used a new toy, a CycleOps magnetic trainer, to ride my bike indoors for 45 minutes. I am starting to train for a two-day, 150 mile MS Ride later this year, and getting in some early training indoors is a huge help. Once I get the feel for this trainer, I’ll write a review of it…so far I love it.
  • Saturday I took a 45 minute MMA class, which included a fun bit of HIIT circuit training and tricep pushups that left my arms trembling.

I also baked a batch of vegan mocha cookies with my kids this week just for fun. We haven’t done something like that in a very long time, and it felt really good to bake something silly and sweet with them just because we wanted to. I learned that any diet/lifestyle that doesn’t leave room for that sort of family time is not going to work for me for very long at all. Also, chocolate is a source of great happiness.

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