Fitness Update: 2011 Week 11


The picture may be a bit out of focus...but I thought you might enjoy seeing the face of pure joy as Thing 2 is surprised by the news that he took First Place.

Watching the tragedy in Japan unfold over the past two days has made me that much more glad that I live where I do. People like to mock New Jersey, but it’s a crowded state for a good reason. We may have occasional earthquakes, but they are so small that no one feels them. We have tornadoes, but rarely above a F0. We have hurricanes, but rarely stronger than Category 1. We have blizzards, but they usually only disrupt our lives for a day or two. New Jersey is not too hot, not too cold…it’s the Baby Bear of states, where the climate and geology are Just Right.


This has been a pretty good week for my on the health and fitness front. My weight has dropped a bit to 139.4, and my strength has returned. I’m still a little more tired that I like, but me energy is better than it was the week before. The weather here is starting to warm up and feel like spring, so I am hopeful that I can return to training outdoors this coming week on a regular basis. Running out in the sun seems to work wonders for my whole system!

Here’s what I did for exercise this week:

  • Sunday I sort of took the day off, though spending 4 hours on my feet cooking certainly felt like a workout.
  • Monday I took two classes at the dojo: a 45 minute strength and conditioning class followed by a 45 minute MMA class.
  • Tuesday I did a little cross training. I started with 30 minutes on my bike using the Cycleops trainer, the I did 15 minutes of strength training with the kettlebells.
  • Wednesday I was back in the dojo again, with back to back strength and conditioning and MMA work.
  • Thursday I was a little wimpy, doing only 36 minutes on the bike.
  • Friday I beat myself up with 40 minutes of kettlebell work. I really tried to challenge myself, doing things like presses with a 20 pound bell, turkish getups with the 15 pound bell, and deck squats with the 15 pound bell. I am really feeling this in my shoulders today.
  • Saturday (this morning) I took a 45 minute MMA class. We did a lot of push ups, which felt…interesting…after Friday’s kettlebell session.

This afternoon I undid most of this hard work when we went to Thing 2’s Cub Scout Pack Pinewood Derby. I brought an assortment of homemade vegan brownies and then proceeded to stuff myself silly with them to celebrate Thing 2’s magnificent victory. He placed first overall in his Pack!

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