Fitness Update: 2011 Week 13


This morning's power breakfast included grilled pineapple, seitan medallions, and red onion with wilted spinach and multi-grain mini bagels with tofu "cream cheese" and apricot jam.


Today promises to be busy and exciting. Thing 2 has a cub scout outing this morning at our local Lowes, where the boys will be making a woodworking project. Then it’s off to lunch with some old high school friends for a mini reunion. After that, we have an evening planned out in PA with family. Even as busy as today’s schedule is, I found time to prepare a healthy breakfast and get my daily work out.

I’ve had a whole week of busy days like today, and my motivation to exercise has been lacking. I forced myself to make time for fitness every day, though, despite all the other pressures of my schedule. I’ve reached a point in my fitness now where missing the exercise feels worse than forcing it in…or to quote Modern Family’s Phil as he described  his wife, Claire: She has to run everyday or she goes crazy, she’s like a Border Collie.

Here’s how I kept myself sane this week:

  • Sunday I used the kettlebells for 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes of yoga, in addition to hours and hours of cooking.
  • Monday I took a 45 minute strength and conditioning class and a 1 hour MMA class.
  • Tuesday I did a three mile run in 29 minutes, which was a surprising time since I felt sluggish, and then took the dogs on a 45 minute walk.
  • Wednesday I rode the bike indoors for 45 minutes.
  • Thursday I took a 45 minute class in which we worked on Brazilian Ju-Jitsu
  • Friday I used the kettlebells for 45 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of yoga
  • This morning I rode my bike indoors for 45 minutes, then used the kettlebells for another 10 to work my arms and abs.

It’s time to hit the showers now and get myself dolled up for a day of being social!


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