Sunday Cooking–It’s Hard to Cook with a Food Hangover


I baked these mini Chai Latte cupcakes to share with my old friends on Saturday. They were a good match for the tasty and filling Indian feast.

Yesterday I had a wonderful treat. I took my family to meet the families of some of my old high school friends–people I haven’t had the joy of seeing in almost 20 years. It was a great day, seeing how little everyone has change physically while also seeing the women and mothers they have become. My friend Raj hosted the lunch, and she prepared for us a feast of Indian foods including samosa, these amazing sweet chickpea balls whose flavor haunts me but whose name eludes me, chickpeas in sauce, and wonderfully spicy potatoes and peas. I ate such an embarrassing amount that today I have what can only be described as a food hangover.


Her husband, Raja, prepared an Indian Chai for everyone. I wasn’t able to try it due to the milk in included, but I took notes on his technique so that I can make my own version at home. I played around with the technique today using mango black tea, cardamom pods, black pepper, cinnamon, almond milk, and honey. It was quite good.

I made some other things today, including:

  • Blackberry whole wheat coffee cake (my family of 4 ate all 16 servings in 20 minutes, so this is too dangerous recipe to prepare with any frequency)
  • BBQ baked tofu
  • Mahogany rice
  • Tempeh “bacon” crumbles
  • Tomato, rice, and white bean soup
  • White bean and parsley “hummus”

All in all, it was a pretty light cooking day, and I’m sure I’ll have to make up the slack later this week.

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