From Good–The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks

I have not yet eaten enough kale to feel comfortable in front of the camera, rather than behind it, but my husband insisted that this post be accompanied by a new photo of me.

My diet is mainly about boosting my health, but eating a plant based diet is not without other benefits. My carbon footprint is smaller, for one. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of interesting people at my favorite vegan restaurants, health food stores and the farmers market, for another.

And then there’s what it does for a person’s looks. Healthy skin and shiny hair can make a gal feel a heck of a lot sexier. Want to know exactly what food to stuff yourself with to improve your looks? Check out this short blurb from Good:

The 10 Best Foods for Your Looks – Health – GOOD.

Let’s see how my eating habits stack up:

  1. Tomatoes: I eat these fairly regularly, at least several times a week. Cherry or grape tomatoes on salad or cooked with kale, sliced heirlooms on veggie burgers or stuffed in a pita with hummus and avocado, crushed in soups and chili, or cooked into sauces for pasta and pizza…the tomato is a foundational food in my kitchen.
  2. Green tea: I have an on-again, off-again thing with green tea. Right now we’re seeing each other, and I have a hot cup of green tea with jasmine keeping me company right now while I type. I am trying to replace at least one of my daily cups of coffee with tea, though it is just as likely to be a black tea chai as it is to be a delicate green. I think from now on I will make a point of having at least one cup of green daily.
  3. Broccoli: I used steamed and seasoned broccoli in place of french fries when I serve up veggie burgers or sandwiches for a quick dinner. We also eat a lot of broccoli slaw–tossing a bog of pre-cut broc slaw with some quick cashew-miso dressing is an easy side that I throw together when I don’t really feel up to cooking.
  4. Salmon: I tried, I really did. Before going vegan, I tried adding cold water fish into my diet. After 15 years of eating vegetarian, I just could not enjoy the mouth feel of fish flesh. I do now take a fish oil supplement, one of two non-vegan things I consume (the other being honey). But eat fish–nope, can’t do it happily.
  5. Extra virgin olive oil: I would shoot this stuff if it wasn’t so high in calories! I used olive oil, paired with either vinegar or lemon juice, to dress salads, and I eat a lot of salads. This one is easily consumed daily.
  6. Dark leafy greens: These are eaten daily in my house. Kale is my favorite, but I also use a lot of spinach, arugula and darker salad greens. Greens thrive in my little kitchen garden, so if I can find time to get that up and running this year I will soon have access to the freshest greens imaginable.
  7. Walnuts: I love raw walnuts on raw oatmeal, or eaten with either orange slices or dried fruit and chocolate bits.
  8. Blueberries: Frozen, these are a frequent smoothie additive in the winter, when I can’t get good fresh local blueberries. In season, I like blueberries raw in my oatmeal/granola, baked into muffins, and preserved in blueberry jam.
  9. Dark chocolate: Um…can you have too much of a good thing? If so, I probably do.
  10. Avocados: I am the only avocado fan in the house, so I save these mainly for weekday lunches, when I don’t have to watch anyone else pick them out of their salad.

I think that makes my score 9 out of 10 for Good’s list. I believe that they missed a whole category of foods that really should have been on there–orange veggies, such as carrots, winter squashes, and garnet yams. Foods rich in carotenoids give the skin a nice glow, so nice in fact that it the carotenoid skin color has been identified as the most attractive.

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