Sunday Cooking–Distracted in the Kitchen

This is the first time I've made these nuggets, which are basically the chickpea fillets from the Veganomicon made nugget-sized.

I nearly botched an entire batch of brownies today. As I was scraping the batter into the pan, I realized that it was an odd texture because I had forgotten to add the sugar. I quickly kneaded the sugar into the thick batter and prayed for the best. The sugar was supposed to be beat into the melted chocolate and margarine before the dry ingredients came on stage so that the sugar dissolves a bit, but things turned out fine anyway, even if the texture is a little grainy.

I prepared a lot of food today to make sure the fridge is well-stocked for the busy week ahead and to ensure that there are lots of things we can grab and take with us if we need to eat at someone else’s place, since I don’t expect everyone we will visit this week to accommodate our vegan diet. Actually, I never expect anyone to accommodate us and always offer to bring a dish. I don’t want my choice to eat vegan putting anyone else to great trouble.

Here’s what I’ve spent the last few hours making:

  • Espresso brownies
  • Brown rice crispy squares
  • Chickpea gluten nuggets
  • Italian tofu with white wine
  • Red wine braised tempeh
  • Mahogany rice
  • Brown rice (to be used in tonight’s dinner).

I will probably do some more baking tomorrow to prepare some goodies to bring with us when we head out to the visitation and funeral later in the week. There’s a chance that we might wind up staying overnight somewhere closer to the funeral home, and I think bringing a coffee cake or muffins with us will be nice.

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