30 Days of Vegan–Day 14, Vegan Meatball Burgers

A warning for dainty eaters--the vegan cheese is not gooey enough to properly glue the meatballs together, so as you eat, they will escape out the back of the burger and into your lap if you aren't careful!

Yesterday we said our last goodbyes to my husband’s father. It was a long, sad, exhausting day. We arrived back at home in the late afternoon, and I was too weary for kitchen heroics. Fortunately, Thing 1 had insisted that I pick up the stuff for a quick and easy meal idea she had, and so we were able to throw together a decent dinner with little work.

I don’t know what inspired her, but she has been saying for weeks that she wanted to make meatball sliders or something like it. I let her do the shopping for this one, and she picked out some whole wheat burger buns, frozen vegan meatballs, pizza sauce, and mozzarella flavored Daiya shreds. While I am not a huge fan of the frozen vegan meatball as they are primarily made of heavily processed textured vegetable protein, I was willing to bend the rules to make her meal idea happen on her terms.

To make the four meatball burgers, we heated a total of 16 vegan meatballs in a jar of pizza sauce. While this was on the stove, we toasted the buns just a little in the broiler. Each bun had four meatballs and some sauce arranged on the bottom half, and this was topped with a sprinkle of Daiya cheese. After a few more moments under the broiler, the cheese had melted and browned just enough, and meatball burgers were born.

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