Fitness Update 2011: Week 16

These are my old runners, which I have run into the ground.

My knees have been urging me to get new running shoes for the last two weeks. My plan had been to wait for another two weeks and visit a running store in Boston that my sister recommends, but I just couldn’t make it that long. Today I broke down and hit McLoone’s Running Store, one of our many local running shops, for a fitting. They recommended exactly the same sneaker I had already been wearing, so I came home with a brand new pair of Asics GT-2160s.

Thing 1 also picked up a pair of running shoes. She has been asking to run with me, and since next week is her spring break, now seems like a good time to start. This got Thing 2 motivated as well, so we wound up with a total of three new pairs of running shoes. I expect my runs with them to be a lot slower (and whinier) than my solo runs, but it will be nice to share another fitness hobby with my kids. It feels good to see that they are picking up another good habit, too.

This week it has been really challenging to get my workouts in. Between the scheduling challenges and the complete lack of energy that comes with stress, I had a really hard time finding the time and will to work out, but most days I managed to. The only day I did not, it was simply not possible until very late, and at that point forcing myself to exercise would not have been very compassionate.

Here’s what I managed to do this week:

  • Sunday I ran 4.15 miles in about 45 minutes.
  • Monday I took the dogs on a 35 minute walk, and attended a 45 minute strength and conditioning class. I had planned to stay for the 5 minute MMA class, too, but I ran out of gas.
  • Tuesday morning I ran for an hour, which is one of my longest runs to date. I didn’t push myself too hard on the pace, so my distance came in at about 5.85 miles.
  • Wednesday was the day of the funeral, and there was no time for a workout.
  • Thursday I rode my bike indoors for 45 minutes and attended a 45 minute MMA class.
  • Friday I indulged in another run, this time going 3.1 miles in 29 minutes.
  • Saturday I took a 45 minute MMA class.

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