A Low Impact Woodland Home

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit--JRR Tolkien

It's wisdom to recognize necessity, when all other courses have been weighed, though as folly it may appear to those who cling to false hope.-J.R.R. Tolkien

I’ve done a fair amount of reading about low-impact living, and I’m at it again, inspired by the approach of Earth Day to find new (or old) ways of living my life a little bit lighter. There are so many websites describing wonders like composting toilets, rain harvesting, grey water systems, solar panels, solar ovens…but they tend to look like crap. Good for the planet seems to mean hard on the eyes.

But not so. Here is a low-impact home that any hobbit, or hobbit-lover, could feel cozy and happy occupying. It has all the bells and whistles of low-impact living, including locally-sourced and reclaimed materials, natural lighting, green roof, and the all-important composting toilet, plus it’s well designed.

No, scratch that. It’s more than well designed–it’s downright sexy. Check it out for yourself:

A Low Impact Woodland Home.

I have such a bad case of house-envy right now.

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