From–Billion Acts of Green

Tomorrow is Earth Day, the one day a year when the media may take a moment to discuss in broad terms some environmental issues, maybe even mentioning the fracking spill that happened this week but has gotten so little coverage in the mainstream media. Pretty talking heads on morning TV shows will suggest that you change your lightbulbs, lower your thermostat (in April?), turn your water off when you brush your teeth, buy the newest lead-free reusable bags and BPA-free water bottles, and then…well, nothing.

One day of talk won’t make a difference. We need action, lots and lots of big action, to get our culture onto a more sustainable track. A lot of this action needs to come from government and industry, but while we wait for that to happen we can start making our own changes. This year, the folks organizing Earth Day have created a portal to inspire us to use tomorrow as an eco-New Year by making a resolution to do something eco-meaningful in the coming year:

Billion Acts of Green.

I pledged to eat more local food. I am pretty good about this in the summer, when the local farmer’s markets are open, but terrible in the winter. Correcting this will take some planning. If I take some time this summer to can and freeze local produce, I should be able to put more local food on my table year round.

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