Fitness Update: 2011 Week 16

The husband snapped this shot of Thing 1 and I hiking along the edge of the pond during out outing yesterday.

The kids were off of school for spring break this past week, which meant I needed to keep them busy at home. I included them in some of my exercise to tire them out and get them away from the television and video games for a bit each day. Thing 1, especially, enjoyed spending a lot of time cleaning up the garden with me–I hope her enthusiasm lasts into the summer, when gardening will be mainly about weed control! I also tried to get both kids to run with me this week, though we only made it out together once. The short (by my standards) run left them both sore the next day, so we found other ways to get physical.

Last night the kids asked to see pictures of themselves, so we gathered around my laptop to skim through a decade’s worth of family photos. There I was, hours before Thing 1 was born, weighing in at an amazing 205 pounds. But I was over nine months pregnant so it was okay, right? Ha! I was not carrying a 60 pound baby, as the photos taken in the weeks following her birth showed. I had used pregnancy as an excuse to over eat. As we moved through the years, I could see how my weight fluctuated but never managed to get to a truly healthy point as I would try this or that new thing then give up when I hit a plateau. I honestly hope this time will be different, because I like the strength and endurance my body has now.

Here’s what my Spring Break fitness regime looked like:

  • Sunday I took the kids for a run with some walking breaks. We did about 2 miles in 28 minutes. After the run, we worked in the garden for 20 minutes.
  • Monday Thing 1 and I did 40 minutes of yard work. Both kids helped me take the dogs on a 25 minute walk. In the evening, I attended a 45 minute strength and conditioning class and a 1 hour MMA class.
  • Tuesday started with 40 minutes in the yard followed by 50 minutes riding my bike on the indoor trainer (I have just registered for a 150 mile MS bike ride, and I need to get used to sitting on the bike for long periods of time). In the evening, I took a 1 hour kettlebell class.
  • Wednesday I took it easy, with only a 45 minute strength and conditioning class and a 45 minute MMA class.
  • Thursday began with 30 minutes working in the garden. After lunch Thing 2 talked me into a 30 minute leisurely bike ride. In the evening, I took my first weapons class (45 minutes) and a 45 minute MMA class.
  • Friday we headed out for a hike, and spent 2.5 hours walking around the Plainsboro Preserve.
  • Saturday I woke up sore and decided to give my body a day off.

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