30 Days of Vegan–Day 24, Easter Brunch

Here's half of this morning's brunch laid out and waiting to be served.

Rather than writing about last night’s uninspired dinner (fake chicken patty burgers with steamed broccoli and carrots thrown together in the background while I worked on the dish I was bringing to the family Easter dinner, if you must know), I would like to share this morning’s brunch, which was a special treat served against a backdrop of egg hunting and baskets of gourmet chocolate that I may steal later tonight.

I decided to make a vegan coffee cake from Vegan Brunch which was more candy than cake. I did use whole wheat pastry flour so that there was at least one “healthy” ingredient, but then I also swirled lots of raspberry jam into the batter and put a layer of chocolate chips under the crumb topping. If you want to try this yourself, the recipe is here without the chocolate chips, so just add in about a cup of chocolate chips beneath the crumbs and you are ready to go.

I was surprised and pleased at how nicely the kids worked together to make this simple fruit salad.

The kids worked together to prepare a fruit salad made entirely with fruits that grow in our climate, though perhaps not exactly in this season. They included watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and blackberries, all of which we will be able to buy at our local farmer’s market in just a few weeks, so we considered the salad a taste of things to come.

To make it easier for them to prepare the fruit, I had bought some sliced fruit from Trader Joe’s. The melons were already cut into spears, and each child only had to cut the spears into chunks, which they could manage with a table knife.

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