Down the Rabbit Hole, Again

Dear Reader,

I have been a very bad blogger in the last several months. I hope you will forgive me. I should have been sharing what I’ve been up to since my last post in March, but I didn’t. I have no excuse. I’m sorry.

In March, my cousin invited me to run another half marathon in May. That left me just 2 months to take my injured knee and get it fit for a grueling 13.1 miles. Most of my free time went to training. I have not brewed a single batch of beer. I have eaten too much take out. My home is a mess. But last Sunday, I ran the Long Branch Half Marathon with a finish time of 2:05:21, which is not too bad considering that I am still dealing with lingering knee issues. Here I am just a quarter-mile from the finish line, waving to my family through the pain:

Boy, did I hurt at this point. But a little knee pain wasn’t going to stop me from going that last .25 miles.

My next project here will be to chronicle training for my next half-marathon. I have registered to run the Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on September 16—–with Thing 1. She had asked me last year after I finished the race if she could run it this year with me. In my post-race delirium I may have said not only yes, but also agreed to run it in tutus. I don’t remember this, but tutus it shall be.

Thing 1 will be turning 12 shortly, which is the minimum age to participate in that event. She has been running, with a maximum distance of 3 miles, but there is a long way between 3 and 13. I don’t know if she fully understands what she has asked to do. We will be training together over the summer and eating a vegan diet for athletes. Training started this week, with a trip to the running store for new kicks and a two 1-mile runs. This weekend, we’ll start the long-runs at 3 miles and just build them up gradually from there.

I am considering having her write her thoughts on the process as we go along and post them here, turning this from a one-woman barely updated blog into a mother-daughter deal. Does that sound good to you guys and gals?


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