My mom made me run a whole three miles

Today my mom made me run three miles in Joe Palaia Park non stop.  It stunk for a good portion between the cramps, shoulder aches, stomach pains, and sore calves.  But there were good parts like seeing my kindergarten teacher walking in the park with me cheering me on to finish.  We also saw a young female deer just eating away at the grass as we ran by, and down on the lower part the bull frogs were chirping away with what I guess was cheering me on.  It wasn’t at all my best time by any means but I certainly tried hard.  When stretching afterward my mom explained to me that I will have to have runs like this while training to do that half marathon in September.  I tell my friends about it and all they can say is that I’m crazy but it is what I want to do.

(Note from the editor–Good Lord, I did not “make” her run the whole three miles…our original plan was to run four, but she wan’t feeling well and asked to cut it back to three. Beyond that, there was no forcing, only encouragement to meet the goal of three miles that she set for herself. And yes, if you are training for a long distance event, there are going to be days when you have to force yourself to run when you don’t want to, including days like today, when her body is hurting from binging on junk food the day before.)

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