Ship’s Log–August 28th

My food photos from today did not come please enjoy this snapshot of Thing 1 and I shooting photos of a small flock of least sandpipers at the Welfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

My food photos from today did not come out…so please enjoy this snapshot of Thing 1 and I taking aim at a small flock of least sandpipers at the Welfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

I woke up today with a completely stuffed up nose. I don’t know if this is a summer head cold, allergies (the ragweed count up here is crazy, but I’ve never had a problem before), or just because I’m eating so much crap. Thing 1 is also congested and sneezing a lot.

Today turned out to be a fairly decent Cape Cod day for the family. We rose to find the world shrouded in dense fog, and decided to grab a quick bite before hitting the trails at the Mass Audubon Society’s Welfleet Bay Sanctuary. We walked the trails for more than 2 hours, checking out the birds, squirrels, frogs, and turtles, even adding one new bird to my life list (the roseate tern). By the time we were finished, the family was ready for a substantial lunch.

After lunch, the weather was still cool, damp, and cloudy, so not exactly beach weather. We decided to spend the afternoon doing what we call Kid Olympics, which involves hitting up some amusements along Route 28 between Chatham and Hyannis. We started out at a go-cart track, where we learned Thing 2 was finally tall enough to drive his own car for the first time. After two rounds of that, we headed up the road to a trampoline field, where you can “rent” trampolines in 10 minute increments. Our last event stop was at Pirate Cove Adventure Golf for a round of really excellent mini golf. For the closing ceremonies, we stopped at Cape Cod Creamery for some ill-advised ice cream which left me unable to breathe through my nose at all for about an hour.

By the time dinner rolled around, I was just too dang tired to deal with coking back at the house, so we headed out to one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the world: Karoo the Restaurant. Karoo offers a variety of South AFrican dishes, many with vegan options. Everything I’ve ever had there is awesome, from the pap and chakalaka to the humble french fries. Long time readers may have noticed that I use Karoo seasoning blends at home, particularly the Braai Salt on steamed veggies. If you ever make it out to Cape Cod, I cannot recommend hitting up one of the Karoo locations (in Eastham or P-Town) while your here.

Breakfast @ Hole in One Donut Shop:

  • Chocolate coconut donut
  • Coffee with sugar

Lunch @ The Orleans Inn:

  • Onion rings with ketchup
  • Gardenburger on pumpernickel with caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, red onions, tomato, lettuce, and dijon mustard with a side of fries and a pickle spear
  • Iced tea

Afternoon Snack:

  • Coffee with sugar and soy milk
  • Single scoop cone of dark cherry chocolate chunk ice cream from Cape Cod Creamery

Dinner @ Karoo the Restaurant:

  • Cape Malay Tofu Stew
  • Cape Cod Beer Summer Ale Shandy
  • Some of Thing 2’s pita

Late Night:

  • Sweet and spicy jalapeno Cape Cod potato chips
  • Glass of white wine

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