Ship’s Log–September 1st


The weather woke me up around 4 am this morning with a thunder-clap that shook the house. It continued to rain for hours, and at first it looked like we might not get our run in. Thing 1, my sister, and I went on a pre-run coffee run anyway, and it paid off when the rain stopped at 8. The Hub, myself, and Thing 1 headed out into the unbearably humid air for a 12 mile long slow run, heading first along the hilly back roads to run through First Encounter Beach, then, as the traffic got heavier, moving over to the car-free Cape Cod Rail Trail. Our pace was horrible, at nearly 11 minutes a mile, but with the hills, the humidity and the effects of all the crap food I’ve been eating (donuts, chips, beer, and too much wine are not the main foods of Olympians for a reason), I’m glad we managed to get the miles in.

We took it fairly easy in the afternoon, doing some back-to-school shopping around Orleans town center. In the late afternoon, The Hub and I left the kids with their grandparents and took a stroll through the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to bird watch and keep our post-run legs from getting stiff. Not 15 minutes after he mentioned that he’s never seen a snake there, I spotted a ribbon snake moving through the forest. Just as The Hub turned, the snake turned towards us and attacked a peeper frog near out feet. The Hub not only got to see the snake, but watch a real-life wildlife documentary moment unfold as the snake slowly crushed and swallowed whole a frog that was larger than its own head. 

It was also rather cathartic, having had peeper frogs take up residency in our yard right outside our bedroom window and proceed to peep loudly all night long in the not-too-distant past. No matter how much you love your wildlife, that love can give way to 2 am thoughts of murder after three nights in a row of late-night peeping sessions. How something so small can make a sound so big still amazes me. I guess in the future we will have to invest in a cute little ribbon snake for the yard.

For dinner the whole family headed up to Van Rensselaer’s Wellfleet Restaurant & Raw Bar.  We became acquainted with VR’s and its owners back in 1991, when my family came up to visit the Cape the day after Hurricane Bob passed through. Much of the Cape had been left without power, but our hotel (the Southfleet Motor Inn) and the next-door restaurant (VR’s), had miraculously been spared. That week VR’s was one of the few open restaurants anywhere nearby, and after a week of taking most of our meals there, the owners had started to feel like family. We make sure to visit at least once every trip up here, and we are rewarded with a menu that provides a great assortment of vegan options in addition to their Cape Cod seafood spread. And the salad bar…I would go there for the salad bar alone, and often go there with the intent of having just the salad bar, but, as usual, I was tempted by a larger dish that was just too interesting to pass up. 

Long run fuel and recovery:

  • Pre-run: 1/2 scone, 1/2 chocolate mint GoodGreens bar, coffee with sugar and soy milk
  • Mid-run: Water with NUUN Active Hydration Tablet and Chocolate Cliff Shot energy gel
  • Post-run: Water with NUUN Active Hydration Tablet and Vega Sport Protein Bar

Lunch @ The Orleans Inn:

  • Omelete with spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and feta
  • French fries
  • Toast
  • Strawberries and blueberries
  • Iced tea 

Afternoon Snack:

  • @ the Sparrow: 1/2 Oreo Dream Bar and 1/2 Snickers Bar (couldn’t finish these. I think I hit my sugar limit.)
  • Iced coffee with soy milk and liquid sugar
  • Cape Cod Potato Chips

Dinner @ Van Rensselaer’s:

  • Cape Cod Blonde 
  • Salad bar: mixed greens, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, mushrooms, chickpeas, greens peas, peperoncini, beets, sunflower seeds, and honey sesame dressing with a bread roll
  • BBQ tempeh with broccolini and roasted sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 Cisco Brewers Indie Pale Ale

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