Ship’s Log–September 27th


I woke up today to a sore right ankle and knee. Twingy, achy,and stiff from knee to foot. I decided that I should skip my planned morning run. Then I laced up my shoes and ran 3 miles anyway, because I am a moron. Fortunately things loosened up quickly and by the third mile I was running comfortably at my normal pace.

I spent much of my day doing some public service work with local school kids. The 8th grade gifted students are participating in a Future Cities design competition, and I spent the day discussing urban planning with them and guiding their city plans. It was interesting to see how their imaginations work. One group actually laid out their city according to income levels, placing the 1% along the scenic coast, letting them middle class have snuggle up just a bit further inland, then used the low-income residents as a buffer between the middle class and the factory district. This is, sadly, how the world is really laid out, but it was a shock to see these kids label it so honestly.

When I wasn’t in the school, I was sitting on my butt, glued to my computer frantically trying to catch up on Breaking Bad before the series finale Sunday. If Pinkman dies, I am going to be inconsolable. And furious. Binging on the series (thank you, Netflix) has resulted in me loving that little junkie like a brother.

In the evening I came up for air long enough to go to Demo Team practice for one hour of self defense training, during which I worked up a good sweat and imagined beating the snot out of Walter White if Pinkman doesn’t have a happily ever after.


  • Smoothie: Banana, frozen mango, romaine, spinach, Vega One Vanilla Chai, water
  • Slice of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter and black cherry preserves
  • Coffee with stevia

Morning Snack:

  • Recovery Drink Post-Run: orange juice, coconut water, water, and pinch of salt
  • Monkey picked oolong


  • Quinoa lentil loaf (topped with Salsa Lizano) with sweet potatoes and broccoli from Dean’s Natural Market
  • Vegan chocolate chip cookie
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia

Afternoon Snack:

  • Cold brew New Orleans style coffee with soy milk
  • Apple with peanut butter
  • Handful of popcorn


  • Two sushi rolls from Wegman’s food bar (each labeled as 180 calories)
  • Salad of mixed greens, carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, and grape tomatoes dressing in raspberry balsamic, sriracha, and miso
  • Dango rice cake
  • Pinot noir

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