Ship’s Log–January 7th


My gosh it’s cold out there. I think our high today was around 11. This is the sort of weather that makes a sane person want to sit around inside and eat. Even so, it could be so much worse. We are just at the very edge of this Polar Vortex event here in New Jersey. I feel for the people deep in the middle of the thing.


21 push ups in the morning. One hour of fairly low intensity BJJ in the evening.


  • Oatmeal with dried cherries, blueberries, and cranberries, flax seed, unsweetened soy milk, sliced banana, and maple syrup
  • Coffee

Morning Snack:

  • Gingerbread spice tea


  • Engine 2 Tuscan bean and kale burger on whole wheat flat with champagne dill mustard, sliced tomato, red onion, and romaine
  • Warm red cabbage salad with apples, cashews, and raspberry balsamic
  • Coffee with cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla stevia, and unsweetened soy milk
  • The last little nibble of dark chocolate almond bark and some dark chocolate

Afternoon Snack:

  • Hummus with carrots, Brad’s Raw Vegan “Cheddar” Chips, green olives, and then a few more of the chips
  • Ginger peppermint and green tea
  • Pre-class: banana with almond butter


  • Whole wheat linguine with tomato sauce and tofu meatballs
  • Salad: red leaf lettuce, romaine, kale, red cabbage, red onion, and grape tomatoes with sesame ginger dressing
  • Coconut seltzer
  • Girl Scout Trefoil cookies (I agreed to help out as one of the cookie moms, and they gave us a box at the prep meeting today)
  • More dark chocolate

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