Ship’s Log–January 22nd


Snow Day!

Sadly, my dear old Fitbit one fell out of my pocket this morning while I was helping The Hub clear snow off our cars. I know it is somewhere out by the driveway, because as of noon I could sync with it if I brought my computer out there, but after three of us dug through the snow searching until our hands went numb, we finally gave up hope of locating it. It will be days before the snow thaws, and by then I expect the Fitbit to have suffered too much water damage to be usable.

I have therefore done the only thing I can think of to conjure it out of the snow before it dies. I ordered a replacement. I figure I’ll find the old one in working order 3 hours or so after taking the new one out of the box.

In the meantime, I am going nuts because my 10,000 steps a day streak is already broken. I’m almost, but not quite, crazy enough to count my daily steps manually. I’ll count the 10 floors, sure, but counting 10,000 steps is a bit further than my attention span will take me.


1 hour shoveling snow. Another half hour digging through shoveled snow for the Fitbit. Two class in the evening: 45 minutes of MMA, complete with a lot of arm exercises, and 45 minutes of low-intensity BJJ.


  • Whole wheat blueberry pancakes with walnuts, dried cranberries, and maple syrup
  • Jumper Cable: hot, dark coffee, hot chocolate powder, vanilla stevia, unsweetened soy milk, and a pinch of cayenne pepper

Morning Snack:

  • Green cherry tea


  • Gardein “beef” burger with Daiya cheddar, horseradish mustard, red leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, and pickles on whole wheat flat
  • Polenta fries with a little chipotle mayo
  • Orange vanilla seltzer
  • Coffee with pumpkin pie spice, vanilla stevia, and unsweetened soy milk
  • 1/2 Kind grain bar

Afternoon Snack:

  • Hot tea
  • Hummus with carrots and cucumbers
  • Hot chocolate with soy milk and soy whipped cream


  • Leftover saffron Orzo
  • Wegman’s Don’t Have a Cow fake beef strips sautéed with bBQ sauce
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter

Late Night:

  • 1 slice cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter
  • Dark chocolate with cherries and chilies

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