Ship’s Log–January 31st


Today was a blur of sleepiness and too much activity, though I had intend to spend it as a couch potato because I had been out so late working last night that I had managed just over 4 hours of sleep.

At 7:11 in the morning, as I was just tucking into my coffee, Thing 2 informed me that he needed to go to school dresses as a Representative at the Constitutional Congress for a class play; i.e. he needed something that resembled Colonial era clothing. The bus was scheduled to come at 7:22. It was like that Google App add where the little girl tells her mother on the way out of the house that she needs to be dressed as Martin van Buren, only without the magical time vortex that would have actually allowed me to accomplish a weekend’s worth of crafting in 11 minutes. And then Thing 1 starts screaming that the bus is already there, 5 minutes early. Thanks, substitute bus driver, I needed that extra bit of challenge! Thing 1 offered to run out and make the driver wait, figuring that if she and her brother weren’t out there yet, neither were all the other downstream kids. I got Thing 2 dressed vaguely colonial, tossed him out the door, and thought I would head to the couch to crash.

The moment he reached the school, he went to the office and called home to invite me to come watch the play. So I hauled my tired butt off the sofa, got properly dressed (I hope), and headed over to the school to watch a bunch of 5th graders sing about the drafting of the Constitution. After the show I realized that there was no way I was going to manage to get back to sleep, so I grabbed my camera and headed out for a little birding at some local hot spots, which at least provided a bit of physical activity in my otherwise sedentary day.

I don’t remember the afternoon. I must have done something, eaten stuff, right? I think I drove Thing 1 somewhere, and I know I drove Thing 2 to a friend’s house to spend the night. I was so tired. When The Hub finally came home from work, I was so tired that I suggested Chinese takeout for dinner. I don’t even like Chinese take out. It’s greasy and bears little resemblance to the amazing food I had in China. But I ate it, immediately regretted it, and then had seconds. Stupid Chinese take out.


  • Smoothie: banana, frozen blueberries, red leaf lettuce, romaine, kale, flax and chia seed, Warrior Blend Raw Protein, cinnamon, and water
  • 1 slice cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and raw honey
  • Coffee

Morning Snack:

  • Earl grey tea
  • KIND Healthy Grains Bar


  • Tempeh bacon wrap from Dean’s Natural Market
  • Sea salt and vinegar potato chips
  • 1/2 slice vegan vanilla cake
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and soy milk

Afternoon Snack:

  • Gawd, I don’t even remember. It was something, but I was so tired that it didn’t register. Probably hummus and crackers? Maybe some tea? I really don’t know.


  • Chinese take out: egg roll, fried rice, and tofu with veggies
  • Vegan rocky road cookie

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