Ship’s Log–February 10th


Day 3, the final day of the Happy Herbivore 3-Day Reboot, and I am pleased to say it seems to be delivering results. I feel lighter overall, I’m not waking up swollen and sluggish, and I was able to get the through two classes with energy to spare. Today’s breakfast was, as I had feared, not quite enough, even though I added some oatmeal and flax seed to the smoothie and a fruit plate to the side to try to give the meal a little more substance. By 11 am my tummy was rumbly, and I ate lunch early. Lunch was filling, however, and I managed the afternoon with only one snack (rare for a weekday) to make sure I was well fueled for the evening’s class.

The dinner portions were insane. INSANE. The recipe said it made 1 serving, which seemed a bit ambitious to me, but I quadrupled it for the family. It filled my biggest soup pot. Hungry as we were, no one could manage to down more than one bowl of this very hearty bean-based stew, so I have another 4 bowls’ worth cooling in the fridge for lunches later this week. After that, we could only eat half of the planned dessert, too, so I have 4 roasted pear halves also leftover which will probably make an appearance at tomorrow’s breakfast.

Happy Herbivore also sells a 10-Day version, which I may try at a later date as I bought them as a packaged deal. For the rest of this week, though, I’m going to just focus on following the Eat to Live rules faithfully. The 3-Day Reboot was a fun and worthwhile experience, and it certainly got me back on track, but I miss the freedom of playing with my food while I cook. Sticking to someone else’s recipe is just not something I’m good at.


45 minutes MMA and 45 minutes no-gi BJJ


  • Daily Detox Drink
  • Smoothie: frozen banana, peanut butter, oatmeal, flax seed, and unsweetened almond milk
  • Fruit plate: blueberries, three strawberries, and 3 chunks of pineapple
  • Coffee

Morning Snack:

  • Spiced black tea


  • 2 corn tortillas with roasted sweet potato, black beans, corn, 1/4 avocado, lemon juice, and hot sauce
  • Red leaf lettuce, romaine and salsa
  • Lemon seltzer

Afternoon Snack:

  • Coffee
  • Raw veggies and green pea “hummus”


  • Moroccan Stew (chickpeas, carrots, potatoes, shallots, raisins, and spinach)
  • Lemon seltzer
  • 1/2 roasted pear with vegan yogurt and walnut pieces

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