Ship’s Log–February 15th


A few weeks ago we stocked up the house with movie theater treats so that we could start having lower-budget family movie nights at home to make use of the new home theater system Santa had brought us. Therefore, in the basement I have a tray full of boxes of cheap-ass candy, the sorts you find at a concession stand, including my personal favorites for movie time: Junior Mints and Dark Chocolate Raisinets. Obviously, neither of these are really healthy options, and they are certainly not part of the clean eating plan I’m trying to follow, but they are already here, paid for and waiting for us.

We had decided early in the day to have a family movie night tonight, and the Things immediately started making the case for having a box of candy with the movie. I found myself at a crossroads…the treats are helping instill the family movie night habit quite nicely. They are also junk food, and there were already treats had the last two days (hot chocolate justified by the snow shoveling and then Valentine’s Day). I decided that it was better to allow the boxes of candy this time than to hold firm and turn our budding family tradition into another battleground over food.

With the knowledge that there was a box of candy in my future (I know and accept that I am not strong-willed enough to eat kale chips while my whole family eats candy around me), I planned the rest of my food accordingly to be lower calorie and smaller portion. When Thing 1 and I started to get hungry while we were out shopping at the mall, we held firm against the temptation of Starbucks, and waited for apples at home. I made sure to hit all my fitness goals for the day (Ab Challenge, MMA class, 10 flights of stairs, and 10,000 steps) well before dinner. So when movie time came, I had the room in my daily eating to include the stupid amount of calories from candy.

Perhaps going forward I will make having a weekly treat like this part of my plan to serve as a safety valve for my chocolate cravings, so long as it doesn’t become a slippery slope towards daily treats. I am a bit worried about that, since there’s been a little cheating the last few days, but so far the small treats haven’t shown up as backslides on the scale. My weight has continued to drop slowly but steadily, with a total of 4 pounds dropped since the day before I started the 3-Day Reboot. So long as that downward progress remains steady, I think a treat once in a while is acceptable. Especially if it helps Family Movie Night become a regular occurrence.


  • Morning: 45-minute MMA class, which included a particularly brutal session of conditioning in the middle after some students were caught being a little too chatty during drills (not me, for once)
  • Afternoon: February Ab Challenge Day 15 (50 sit ups/ 12 push ups/ 40 seconds plank)


  • Daily detox drink
  • Oatmeal with cinnamon, flax seed, apple sauce, blueberries, banana, walnut pieces, and a wee bit of maple syrup
  • Coffee


  • Leftover mushroom, spinach barley with cauliflower
  • Red leaf lettuce, romaine, black beans, and salsa
  • New Orleans style coffee with soy milk

Afternoon Snack:

  • Apple with peanut butter and chocolate balsamic
  • Coffee


  • Baked Twin Oaks More Than Tofu Garlic Shiitake Tofu
  • Broccoli, shiitake, red pepper, and celery sautéed with broth and garlic
  • Brown rice ramen tossed with a wee bit of sesame oil
  • All of the above dressed with a blend of tahini, miso, soy sauce, tequila lime white balsamic, ginger, and carrots

Movie Night Treat:

  • Dark chocolate covered raisins

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