Ship’s Log–March 8th


Yeah, ok, so there were cooked again today, but I swear they were the last for a good long while. I didn’t plan on eating any, really, but it’s darn near impossible to resist when someone else offers you a few from their opened package, and I was offered them today while hanging out with Thing 1’s Girl Scout troop while they sold boxes at a nearby home improvement store.

At least today’s class made them feel earned. We brought out the battle rope, which is a 2″ thick, heavy jute rope that is looped around one of the heavy bags. Have you ever used a battle rope? It is the sort of exercise that is easy for the first 10 seconds, but then quickly becomes an intense personal hell at about the 15 second mark. The results are great, but the 1 minute rounds we went through were…intense. I hope I can lift my arms high enough to brush my hair tomorrow!


  • Morning: 45 minutes MMA class with vigorous conditioning on the battle ropes
  • Afternoon: 1 mile stroll through the park and March Full Body Challenge Day 8 (30 push ups/40 sit ups/ 60 squats)


  • Daily detox drink
  • Whole wheat everything bagel with homemade herbed tofu cheese
  • Coffee

Morning Snack:

  • Post-class water with NUUN Active Hydration Tablet


  • Tempeh avocado wrap
  • Kale chips
  • Cold brew New Orleans style coffee with soy milk
  • Thin Mints

Afternoon Snack:

  • Iced green tea
  • a few more girl scout cookies


  • Thin crust multi-grain vegan pizza from Earth Pizza
  • Salad
  • Anchor Brewing California Lager

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