Ship’s Log–April 20th


Easter. One of the busiest days of my year, and always one that makes clean eating just about impossible.

We start early with an egg hunt at home. This year, I followed that up with an 8 mile run. My sister was in town, and she’s also training for the Heartbreak Hill Half, so we set out together. Turns out she’s been training with a much faster partner and now runs about a minute per mile faster than I do, but that didn’t stop me from trying to keep up. Stupid sibling rivalry! I managed to keep a pace that is about 30 seconds per mile faster than what I usually do when I’m pushing it, so now I know that I am capable of running faster if I want to.

The Things made pancakes for us after the run, and then it was off on a whirlwind of family visits. I ate two lunches, both featuring vegan dishes put out just for us. I ate too many desserts, and then washed those down with candy and A LOT of coffee. I expect a bit of a food hangover tomorrow, but that’s okay. I can take the week to clean my system out.


  • 8 mile run at a pace of 9m7s.


  • Pre-run: coffee and slice of yoga bread with almond butter
  • Post-run: 1/2 banana; 3 pancakes with strawberries, walnuts, soy yogurt, maple syrup, and raspberry syrup; coffee

Morning Snack:

  • Cold brew New Orleans style coffee with soy milk


  • Vegan sandwiches; fruit salad; iced tea; slice of vanilla cake
  • Guinness; vegan soy meat tacos; mushroom slider (no bread); homemade fudge; carrot cake; coffee with almond milk


  • Small plate of leftover tomato and cashew cream pasta with three green olives
  • Candy

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