Ship’s Log–May 30th


Today was Thing 2’s 11th birthday, which means that there was more than a little celebration eating going on. I expect this theme to continue through the weekend!

It started with pancakes for breakfast, continued with a hibachi dinner (not vegan due to the huge slab of butter and eggs they put in the rice, but I allowed the cheat to make my kid happy), and then ended up with s’mores at home. Tomorrow there will be more naughtiness at his party, too. I keep telling myself that I workout like a mofo so that splurging once in a while is okay. I hope I’m not lying to myself.


  • Threshold Training Run: 1.25 miles warm up, drills and strides, 40:00 minutes run at a pace of 9:18, 1.25 mile cool down


  • Whole wheat pancakes with strawberries, cranberries, walnuts, maple syrup, and raspberry syrup.
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk

Morning Snack:

  • Post run: water with NUUN active hydration tablets, Vega Sport Recovery Protein bar


  • Salad: red leaf lettuce, romaine, kale, baked lemon garlic tofu, grape tomatoes, cucumber, and red pepper with a homemade maple mustard dressing
  • Cold brew New Orleans style coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk
  • 2 raspberry fig bars

Afternoon Snacks:

  • Hummus and carrots

Dinner @ Ichiban:

  • Vegetable hibachi with miso soup and salad
  • Kirin beer
  • A few teaspoons of red bean ice cream

Late Night:

  • S’Mores around the fire pit


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