Ship’s Log–June 23rd


Today was the last day of the school year for my Things. Thing 1 was finishing 8th grade, so we had a commencement ceremony to attend, followed by dinner out at her favorite sushi restaurant. There was no room in today’s schedule for exercise, beyond the three block walk to the school for the ceremony, but at least the eating was a bit cleaner than it has been for the last few days.

Tomorrow the summer fun and training can start in earnest!


  • Smoothie: banana, frozen blueberries, red leaf lettuce, romaine, kale, Vega One vanilla bean, and water
  • 1/2 leftover donut
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk


  • Salads leftover from yesterday’s party (kale slaw; white beans with arugula
  • Hummus, rice crackers, and a handful of potato chips
  • Red grapes
  • Cold brew New Orleans style coffee with vanilla soy milk

Afternoon Snack:

  • Corn chips, salsa, and guacamole
  • Black coffee

Dinner @ Ichiban:

  • Miso Soup
  • Salad with carrot ginger dressing
  • Cucumber roll and sweet potato roll, both with brown rice


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