Ship’s Log–July 9th


I gave Thing 1 a choice this morning: run 3 miles in the park at a moderate pace or try some short speed intervals over at the high school track. She choose the intervals, thinking that would be easier. Ha! As if! She quickly learned that 1/4 mile intervals may sound short, but they are hard work.

I took the Things to the beach in the afternoon as a treat to reward her for what wound up being a lot more effort than she had bargained on, but it was a bit of a bust. The winds the past few days have pushed all the warm water away from the coast, leading to an upwelling of cold water at the beach. Even the surfers in wetsuits were coming out of the water shivering. It was uncomfortably cool just sitting on the sand, though it was stuffy even a block inland. We wound up packing it up early and coming home to play with the art supplies I have on hand for rainy days.


  • Speed intervals: 1/2 mile warm up, stretching, drills and strides, 4 intervals of 1/4 mile fast run followed by 1/8 mile jog, 1/2 mile cool down


  • Pre run: Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk; blueberry corn whole grain muffin
  • Post run: Smoothie (banana, strawberry, frozen blueberry, Vega One Vanilla Bean, and water)

Morning Snack:

  • Big hunk of brownie
  • Cold brew New Orleans style coffee with almond milk

Lunch & munchies @ the beach:

  • Tofu, lettuce and tomato on whole wheat with chipotle mayo
  • Kettle corn
  • Veggie straws
  • Orange vanilla seltzer
  • Lemonade flavored coconut water

Late Afternoon Snack:

  • Crackers and carrots with hummus


  • Pesto with brown rice pasta and roasted veggie
  • Breckle’s Brown Ale
  • Brownie

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