Ship’s Log–July 11th


Today was a day of horrible temptation. Thing 1 and I have agreed to provide mini cupcakes for a local fundraising event. 100 of them. That meant spending the afternoon baking four batches of cupcakes, each of which produced a few extra full-sized cupcakes worth of batter beyond what my mini cupcake trays could hold.

The house is full of cupcakes. I think I deserve a medal for eating only one.

What makes it easier is that Thing 1 has gotten quite serious about getting herself in shape this summer. We’re not only doing intense exercise sessions every morning…we’re also trying to help each other keep the portion sizes sensible and the snacking under control. Having a partner can make it easier to behave well in a house full of cupcakes. I wish she had been as much help when it was a house full of brownies!


  • 3.25 mile run–we focused on running the middle mile hard, and managed to do it in 8’17”


  • Pre-run: whole grain blueberry corn muffin; coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk
  • Post-run: smoothie (banana, frozen peaches, Vega One vanilla bean, almond milk, water)


  • Teriyaki grilled tempeh in whole grain flat with cole slaw
  • Snow peas
  • Coffee
  • Another muffin

Afternoon Snack:

  • Crackers and carrots with hummus
  • Spiced almonds


  • Crispy corn tacos with tofu, black beans, green peppers, salsa, peri-peri sauce, and guacamole
  • Mixed greens and cucumber dressed with Sicilian lemon white balsamic
  • Breckle’s Brown Ale
  • Vegan lemon vanilla cupcake with raspberry sauce and strawberry icing


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