Ship’s Log–July 17th


Well, I didn’t make it a week without some sort of take out entering my life. The Hub ran out this afternoon and got donuts from the local shop for the family after hearing me lament that there was no chocolate in the house to feed my anxiety as I read through news reports about MH17 and prepared for a last-minute hearing this evening.

At least I’m getting more greens into my daily eating and much of the fresh food I brought home from the Farmer’s Market has been consumed. The fridge that was stuffed Sunday is now starting to look a bit spare.


  • 4 mile tempo run


  • Tofu scramble with heirloom tomatoes and broccoli
  • Sprouted grain Ezekiel muffin
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk

Post-run Snack:

  • Vega Sport Recovery protein bar


  • Hummus, tomato, pickled pepper, and red leaf on multi-grain baguette
  • Steamed kale with Old Bay seasoning and nooch
  • Fresh local peach
  • Coffee
  • Dang coconut chips

Afternoon Snack While Reading About the Plane Crash:

  • Veggie chips
  • Spiced pecans
  • Donut with custard, blackberry preserves, and caramel from the local shop


  • Banana, blueberries, strawberries, and granola with almond milk

Late Night:

  • Hummus with carrots, was a cracker, and veggie chips
  • Whale’s Tale Pale Ale

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