Ship’s Log–July 31st


Thing 1 begged me to take her over to our high school track this morning for our fitness training session, in part so that she could practice throwing afterwards, in part because she wants to join me in my challenge to shed 10 pounds by August 23, and in part so that she could eye up the other high school athletes. “OMG, Mom, how am I supposed to focus with all these hot shirtless guys running by?” she would giggle, eyeing up some scrawny little teenage twirps on the track–we clearly have differing opinions on what constitutes a hot guy, which is fair given the nearly 30-year difference in our ages.

I like having these sessions at the school with her, even if the eye-candy is a little young for my taste, because I am hoping that spending two mornings a week there will help her feel at home in the high school when her classes start this fall and take a little of the anxiety out of being a Freshman. At least she’ll have a mental list of all the “hot guys” to look out for.

Weight Change Since July 30th: -1.6 pounds (the good $ is on this being all water)


  • 45 minutes MMA Fighter Fitness training. I included some ground-to-sprint drills this time, such as doing a bur pie right into a 20 yard sprint, just to make Thing 1 work harder in front of the hot guys.


  • Whole wheat blueberry, peach, and flax seed pancakes with pecans and maple syrup
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk


  • Tempeh glazed with Korean BBQ sauce served in a whole grain flat with cole slaw
  • Red grapes
  • Black coffee
  • The last little piece of cranberry penuche fudge brought back from Cape Cod. And with that, the Cape Candy is gone.

Afternoon Snack:

  • 2 wasa crackers with hummus and green olives
  • Banana
  • Small palmful of citrus spiced almonds


  • Gluten-free pasta with white beans, cherry tomatoes, and pesto
  • Romaine and red leaf lettuces with balsamic vinegar
  • Small shot of blackberry moonshine

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