Ship’s Log–August 5th


Today was the exact opposite of what I should be eating if I want to drop those ten pounds by the end of August. I spent the day at Six Flags Great Adventure with my sister and the Things. Eating healthy there is probably possible, but we didn’t manage it. I had dairy. I had fries. I had candy. I had sugar water. I had fun, which is I guess what matters.

I summed my day up for my friends on Facebook, and I’m going to be lazy and just share those word again here with you:

Things I learned today:

  1. Stand-up roller coasters do not work well for me. Between the low blood pressure and the ability to lock my knees while standing and anxious, I nearly went night-night on the Green Lantern.
  2. El Toro is a heck of a lot more vicious than Rolling Thunder, which it replaced. A cell phone in an unbuttoned pocket, for example, is not safe on that ride. Connor is now making peace with the fact that he will need a new phone.
  3. Cold Stone Creamery makes a really huge funnel cake sundae. Do not order two for three people to share unless they are all trying to put on weight. If you do this, hope the universe puts a hungry man behind you who is willing to buy one of them off you when your order comes up and you realize your mistake.
  4. When a park offers a stupid neon orange $11 souvenir cup with free drink refills for the day that you refuse because you think you don’t want to carry it around everywhere you go, buy that bad boy right away rather than shelling out for some bottled water and $4 small sodas before coming to your senses.
  5. I am not over my fear of heights even a little bit. Whizzing around 250′ up in the air secured by only a seatbelt and crotch strap is not my happy place at all. Photo evidence shows that I am too much of a wimp to be comfortable even at a happier 200′ in the relative security of a ferris wheel.
  6.  I had a really fun day hanging with my sister and the Things, even though I still think Six Flags is one of the tackiest places on Earth.

Weight change since July 30th: -2.8 pounds


  • 9 hours walking around an amusement park. The Fitbit shows over 20,000 steps


  • Whole wheat blueberry pancakes with 1/2 banana, spiced pecans, and maple syrup
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk

Morning Snack:

  • Cold brew New Orleans style coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk
  • 4 tiny sugar plums


  • Black bean burger on brioche bun with feta cheese, cucumbers, and spinach
  • Side of fries
  • Small diet coke

Afternoon Snack:

  • Powerade
  • Watered down lemonade
  • Funnel cake topped with ice cream (split three ways)
  • Chocolate and toffee covered pretzel


  • Salad: mixed greens, tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, corn, and mushrooms, with balsamic vinegar and white truffle olive oil
  • 8 peanut butter M&Ms

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