Ship’s Log–August 19th


Today was devoted to medical appointments. An ultrasound for me, vaccinations for Thing 2, and then another, more invasive test for me that was painful and left me cramping and shaky for hours. I tried to do BJJ class, and I made it through the beginning drills and the technical work, but those left me so drained that I bowed out of the rolling sessions at the end. I probably shouldn’t have gone to class at all, but I’m stupid.

Weight change since July 30th: -2.5 pounds


  • 4.3 miles speed interval work (warm up, drills and strides, 4 long intervals and 2 short sprints, cool down)
  • 45 minutes of BJJ class.


  • Whole wheat blueberry pancakes with sliced banana, blackberries, almonds, and maple syrup
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk


  • Tempeh avocado wrap
  • Salt and vinegar potato chips and pico de gallo corn chips
  • Moroccan mint tea
  • 1/2 vegan chocolate chip cookie
  • Coffee with vanilla stevia and almond milk

Afternoon Snack:

  • Mini bagel with tofu cream cheese, peanut butter, and raspberry preserves
  • a few Tagalong girl scout cookies
  • Palm full of assorted nuts and seeds


  • Whole wheat pasta with pesto and vegan sausages
  • Mixed greens with tomato, cucumber, and balsamic vinegar
  • 2 Girl Scout Samoas

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