Ship’s Log–August 23rd through September 5th


I really needed that long visit to Cape Cod. 10 days in my favorite place away from the stress of my regular life helped me reset my spirit ahead of what promises to be a busy autumn. 

What I probably did not need was the ridiculous amount of junk food that I ate during the week. Ice cream. Donuts. Fudge. Fried potatoes in all their many forms…I probably put away two whole bags of potato chips by myself! It was a non-stop treat-yo-self marathon. I tried to balance it out with a few salads and a good amount of fitness (two long runs, daily hikes, a 2 hour paddle board class, 2 hours kayaking in tidal waterways, a few long bike rides), but even so I swelled up a whopping 5.4 pounds from my pre-trip weight. Even my fat pants are uncomfortably tight. All that salt a sugar sure does make this body of mine hold on to water.

This leaves me with only 20 days to clean up my act ahead of my upcoming race and a good 24 pounds from my goal weight. Thankfully all the temptations of summer are now behind me, making it easier to eat cleaner between now and the race. I know I won’t be able to drop the full 24 pounds because I’m not going to starve myself as my training distance increases, but I should at least be able to shed the water I picked up last week and maybe a few more bonus pounds.

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