Ship’s Log–October 9th


Today we went on a field trip! The Things skipped school to join The Hub and I for a day in the big city attending the opening day of New York Comic Con. The Hub has a fair number of artist and writer friends who work in the comic industry, and we thought it would be good to let the Things meet the people behind the things they enjoy so much.

We started our day with a walk up to Bryant Park, where we found a street poet willing to write a brief poem on any subject. The girls challenged him to write a poem about petrichor, the smell of fresh rainfall on dry earth, and then hung out in the park as he pondered how two teenage girls could stymie him so completely. “Most people ask for a poem about their birthday,” he mused, as he handed the poem over fifteen minutes later.

The Con itself was both overwhelming, due to the sheer crush of humans, and underwhelming, due to the realization that it is essentially mostly a big geek flea market with a human petting zoo where you can stand in line and pay large sums to “meet” celebrities for a few seconds while they hand out their autographs. I much preferred hanging out in Artists Alley, where the real talent was on display and available to chat. One wonderful artist actually gave The Hub and the Things a brief lesson in how to use her favorite markers to blend and shade. I left feeling a bit jealous…I wish I had the talent to make my living as an artist. They work hard, but they have something to show for it.

Distance to goal weight: 22.1 pounds


  • I was on my feet most of the day, traipsing across Manhattan and around Jacob Javitz Center


  • Whole wheat everything bagel with peanut butter
  • Red grapes
  • Coffee with sugar and almond milk

Lunch @ Ben’s Deli:

  • Pickles and cole slaw
  • Handmade veggie burger on brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, and ketchup
  • Thick cut fries with ketchup
  • Dr. Brown’s Celray soda


  • Iced coffee with soy milk
  • 2/3 soft pretzel


  • 1 slice white pizza with sliced tomato
  • Diet coke

Late Night:

  • Harvest Ale
  • Hummus on rice cake
  • 4 “chicken” nuggets
  • Swiss chocolate

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