Ship’s Log–October 14th


Apologies for skipping a few days. I haven’t been feeling well at all. Saturday I nearly blacked out during a mild sparring session in class, not because my partner hit me, but because I just gassed out. I spent the rest of the three day weekend resting and trying to recover from whatever bug this is that’s getting to me.

Mentally, I’ve been really down, too. I’m struggling to cut my calories back enough to actually make some headway towards my weight loss goal, mainly because of the afternoon snacking.

Today I got back in the saddle fully. I’m still a little drained and coughing off and on, but I’m much better than I had been Saturday. I’m going to keep my daily training to one session a day until I am 100%.

Distance to goal weight: 21.2 pounds.


  • 1 hour BJJ


  • Sprouted grain cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter
  • Smoothie: banana, strawberries, lettuce, kale, vanilla coconut milk yogurt, flax seed, ice
  • Coffee with sugar and almond milk


  • Red lentil, sweet potato, and spinach stew
  • Whole grain bread
  • Coffee with sugar and almond milk
  • Piece of dark chocolate

Afternoon Snack:

  • Apple with peanut butter and brown rice syrup
  • Rice cake with hummus


  • Salad: mixed greens, red onion, tomato, cucumber, and Korean BBQ tempeh with balsamic vinegar, sriracha, and miso
  • Harvest Ale
  • Piece of dark chocolate

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