Ship’s Log–October 17th


I am getting so frustrated with my inability to make any progress towards my goal weight. In fact, over the past two years I’ve made 10 pounds of negative progress. That time included training for and running a full marathon as well as running 6 half marathons and several hours a week of MMA and BJJ training…so it’s surely not due to inactivity.

I’ve had blood testing to see if there’s a metabolic or hormonal cause, and that found nothing to blame.

So it must be diet. I’ve tried counting calories in the past, but that is tedious, takes the fun out of cooking, and, let’s face it, only as accurate as the calorie data on the food…so I’m not inclined to put myself through that again. My problem really started two years ago, when our dojo switched the schedule up to start classes earlier, making it impossible to have a nice family dinner before class. Having dinner together after class, a whopping 8 hours after lunch, has led to too much afternoon snacking because I get so friggin hungry. It’s this snacking that needs attention and correction, I think, and I need to get that under control.

Distance to goal weight: 20.9 pounds


  • 4 mile tempo run with .25 mile cool down jog


  • Gluten free vegan pumpkin spice waffles with peanut butter, sliced banana, and maple syrup
  • Coffee with sugar and almond milk


  • Tempeh, mushrooms, and kale cooked in chili paste and coconut oil
  • Coffee with sugar and almond milk

Afternoon Snack:

  • Apple
  • Rice cake with hummus


  • 2 slices pizza with pineapple, mushrooms, and peppers
  • Mixed greens with balsamic vinegar
  • Boddington’s Ale

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