Ship’s Log–October 24th


My nutrition today was just horrible. I snacked too much this afternoon while I sat in front of my computer reading about the school shooting. I had a light dinner to compensate, but then snacked again later, first with a cookie at a haunted hayride and then later at home with those rice cakes and hummus.

At this rate, I am going to have to change my registration for the upcoming tournament to go up a weight class. I do not like that at all.

Distance to goal weight: 22.7 pounds


  • Run about 6 miles. Not really certain, since my tracking app fell apart in the first mile.


  • Ancient grains toaster waffles with peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup
  • Clementine
  • Coffee with almond milk

Morning Snack:

  • Green tea


  • Mixed greens, Beyond Meat “chicken,” diced apple, red onion, cranberries, and walnuts dressed with mustard, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and EVOO

Afternoon Snack:

  • Post run smoothie: banana, Orgain chocolate protein powder, water and ice
  • Donut with heath bar crunch and vanilla glaze
  • Kale chips
  • Coffee with sugar and almond milk


  • Vegan BLT on whole wheat toast
  • Coffee with sugar and Coffemate (YUCK)
  • 1/2 black and white cookie

Late Night Snack:

  • Rice cakes with hummus

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