Ship’s Log–November 17th


Today was the first time in nearly two weeks that I missed my 10,000 steps goal. Not coincidentally, it was also the first time that it rain heavily all day. It is almost impossible to hit my goal without being able to go outside for a walk. I expect this will only continue to be difficult as we head into the cold of winter, which I believe is supposed to arrive suddenly sometime tonight.

Distance to goal weight: 20.6 pounds


  • Fitbit metrics: 8,067 steps, 13 floors
  • 45 minutes MMA


  • Whole wheat tortilla with 2 scrambled eggs, seitan bacon, Daiya shreds, and wilted greens (kale, chard, and spinach)
  • Whole fruit juice: banana, pineapple, blackberries, flax ans chia seed, fresh squeezed orange juice, and water
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk

Morning Snack:

  • Peppermint green tea


  • Small bowl of black bean chili
  • Salad: red and green leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes, red onion, and cucumber dressed with tequila lime vinegar and olive oil
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk

Afternoon Snack:

  • Plain coconut milk with granola and dried cranberries
  • Popcorn


  • Homemade whole wheat pizza with vegan cheese and vegan pepperoni
  • Mixed greens with raspberry balsamic
  • Dark chocolate covered frozen bananas


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