Ship’s Log–January 1st, 2015


New Year’s Day involves a pretty unusual tradition for my household. Thing 1 and I hit Deans Natural Food Market first thing in the morning, making sure to arrive before they open the doors at 10 am. Their annual tradition is to have a huge sale on New Year’s Day, taking 20% off your total order, with the exception of their vitamins, which are marked down 40%. This is a pretty good opportunity for me to restock my pantry with lovely organic goodies for a decent discount.

It’s also a freaking madhouse, as a lot of other people also take advantage of the sale. By 10:15 the store is packed, and latecomers are scrabbling to find so much as a shopping basket to hold their loot. Last year, in fact, Thing 1 and I had two groups of people follow us out to our car and fight over who would get our shopping cart after we unloaded it into the trunk. This year, fortunately, the staff at the market had caught on to the parking lot fights and had taken up the job of following people to the cars and retrieving the carts in a more civil manner.

This year, with our newfound need to reduce our grocery spending, the sale was particularly valuable. I bought enough organic whole wheat pasta to take us through March. I restocked my empty bins of walnuts and raw cashews, always pricey items. I picked up several jars of pasta and pizza sauce, bags and bags of beans, a little extra whole wheat pastry flour, some vitamins, and a whole bunch of other staples for both my pantry and freezer. In total I saved $75 on what should be several months of kitchen basics. Here’s the whole of it:


As for my eating today…this is not how I plan to eat to loose weight. I’m not this stupid. I know hot chocolate and champagne waffles and truffles and cookies are not weight loss promoting foods. We’re still working our way through some of the holiday party leftovers, none of which are going to be wasted. I did spend some quality time with the FoodSaver vacuum sealer today sealing up bags of leftover chips and popcorn so that we didn’t feel the need to eat all of it before it goes stale and can instead save a good portion of it for future parties. But I can’t do this to some of the cookies, so down the hatch they go.

Dinner tonight was a bit more in line with my plans. I brought the pasta machine out of storage and made fresh pasta for the first time in years. I started with a straight semolina pasta this time, but I plan to start experimenting with whole wheat varieties in the coming weeks. I had two servings of the salad. I don’t want to tell you how many servings of the wine, but it was more than one. The bottle was a gift from a friend and too good to waste!

I will probably go for a run in the freezing cold tomorrow as penance…and also because I need another 4.5 miles before the end of the week to hit my 12 mile weekly goal.

Distance to Goal Weight: 24.2 pounds


  • 10 pushups, situps, and squats. I’m going to start doing this first thing every day
  • 22 minutes of strength training, tossing around my kettle bells
  • 1 hour photography walk through Allaire Historic Village in the cold


  • Whole wheat waffles made with leftover flat Champagne topped with strawberries, spiced pecans, coconut flavored homemade whipped cream (the real deal for a treat, not that soy stuff), and maple syrup
  • Fruit from the fruit bowl we forgot to put our for last night’s soirée
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk

Morning Snack:

  • Sample of tofu scramble and vegan maple glazed sausage at the Natural Food Market


  • Assorted leftover party chips (corn and pretzel), veggies, and dips (hummus, black bean hummus, salsa, and guac)
  • Dirty Diet Dr. Pepper (added a slice of lime and a little coconut syrup)
  • Coffee with coconut syrup and soy milk
  • 2 cookies

Afternoon Snack:

  • Non-dairy hot chocolate with marshmallows and a chocolate covered toffee stick
  • Peppermint truffle


  • Homemade fresh pasta with basil and arugula pesto
  • 1 slice whole grain garlic bread
  • Salad: mixed greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers dressed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil
  • Pinot Noir from Alba vineyards

Late Night:

  • Cookies. A lot of leftover holiday cookies. Especially the rum balls made with Kailua

2 thoughts on “Ship’s Log–January 1st, 2015

  1. I finished the christmas cookies from my mother-in-law. I told myself it was the best way to remove temptation. My weight is fine but the holidays made my quasi-clean eating habits turn into a sugar fest. I need to build muscle, so a dozen cookies after a day of healthy calories feels twice as dirty.

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