Ship’s Log–January 2nd, 2015


These are the holidays that never end. They kicked in hard the Saturday before Christmas and won’t really end until sun up Monday, the first real work day of the New Year. I’m glad that we’ve at least managed to stop with the eating out and pizza dinners, but the sugar! I’m almost to the bottom of the massive pile of cookies I baked…a necessary evil to inject some holiday spirit into a depressed and stressed household. Whatever is still in the house come Sunday is getting evicted. I don’t want to waste this food I spent precious time baking, but I want to get started on my weight loss goals for realsies, which means saying goodbye to the daily sugary treats.

A small change you may notice this year is that I’m doing away with the Fitbit. I’ve had that little tag on my for nearly two years now, and in that time I’ve put on almost 10 pounds. Clearly it’s not an effective weight loss tool for me, so when the case (the third I’ve been through) began ripping last week, I decided that I wouldn’t replace it. I’m going to rely on MapMyRun to track all my fitness data for a while. I’m still going to use the Aria scale, since replacing that will cost more than I want to spend at the moment. I may consider returning to my Fitbit once they decide to support the Apple Health App, but for now I’m going to let it go.

“Dinner” tonight was a bit messed up. Thing 1 had an indoor track meet in the evening that we went to watch. It ran from 4 pm until after 8. We had a hearty snack before and a smaller snack after rather than one proper meal. It’s not ideal, but it was better than a full meal before or after with the inevitable extra snacking when we got home.

Distance to goal weight: 24.4 pounds


  • 10 push ups, sit ups, and squats
  • 4.5 mile run


  • Whole wheat everything bagel with peanut butter and tofu cream cheese
  • Small glass of orange juice
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk


  • Assorted hot appetizers (2 samosas with chutney, mini egg rolls with chili sauce, and baked breaded mushrooms with BBQ vegan mayo)
  • Salad: mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion dressed with chipotle olive oil and tequila lime vinegar
  • Dirty Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk
  • A few cookies

Afternoon Snack/First Dinner:

  • Chips, cracker, pretzels, veggies and dips (hummus, black bean hummus, salsa, and guac)
  • Diet Coke
  • Homemade peppermint bark

Second Dinner:

  • Sam Smith Boston Lager
  • Corn Chips and pretzels
  • Cookies

2 thoughts on “Ship’s Log–January 2nd, 2015

  1. It’s a Diet Dr. Pepper (though you could just as easily use regular) with a slice of lime and a little coconut flavored syrup. I made the syrup to serve these up for New Year’s Eve to our friends who don’t drink alcohol, and I still have a little leftover to work through.

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