2015 Week 2 Progress Report

This week was not without its challenges. I’m still pretty dang stressed out, though thankfully there have been some promising improvements with The Hub’s situation, and the trouble will likely soon be behind us. There was also the surprise need to bake a double batch of brownies and the temptation that those created.

Then there was the suddenly frigid and icy weather, which, as I had feared, kept me inside and off my running trails from Monday onward. I am a bit discouraged that I could not log the full 12 miles this week, but I’m not going to let that keep me from trying for it next week, when the weather should be warmer (if wetter).

After class today, I was all set to throw on a raggedy old T-shirt when I remembered that I had promised myself that I would pose for a weekly update photo as a way to force myself to work a bit harder on my appearance even when I’m not forced to doll up for work. Posing for photos is more painful to me then being tapped out by arm bar. Here’s the result:


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: It had started to look promising there in the middle of the week, but my weight bounced back up by Saturday. The change from last Saturday to this one was a measly 0.7 pound drop, which can easily be accounted for in general fluctuations. I’m not about to call this progress. On the other hand, I should be experiencing a little extra hormonal water retention right about now, so the fact that I’m down at all is probably good.
  • Fitness:
    • 1 7 mile run. The weather simply did not provide a safe opportunity for any more.
    • 2 strength training sessions
    • 6 classes at the dojo (2 MMA, 2 No-Gi BJJ, 2 Gi BJJ)
    • Total time working out: 7.09 hours. I may not have hit my 12 mile running goal, but I didn’t just around and cry about it.
  • Food: Improved. There were still some treats that snuck in there, but on the whole it was a lot cleaner eating. I could do away with the mid-week alcohol next, I think. Maybe I’ll pick up some Chamomile tea as an end of the day relaxation alternative.
  • Financial: This week’s grocery shopping was good, and we didn’t eat out at all. I dodged am $1800 bullet with the car by giving myself time to research and think before agreeing to let the dealer do extra work. There was a fairy big expense for sending Thing 1 on a ski trip with her Girl Scout troop, but we knew about that months in advance and had budgeted for it. Things are also looking up for The Hub, and I expect that he will either be employed or commit to being self-employed by next week’s progress report.

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