2015 Week 4 Progress Report

Another week feeling sick means another week without progress. This friggin’ head cold, I swear. I know people who have had it for more than three weeks., and I’m becoming one of them. I feel beaten down and disheartened by my complete lack of progress, and also a wee bit like my family is completely not supporting me, what with the nearly constant begging for junk food.

If I’m going to be honest, I need to admit that I have this lack of support is hurting me. It helps to have someone there to help me stay strong when my willpower is weak, and instead I have constant whining for the junk foods that I have a hard time resisting. Me being sick makes it impossible. I don’t have the energy to resist, and the end result is another pound gained thus far in 2015 instead of another pound lost.

I know this isn’t something unique to my situation. I chatted this week with a friend who has a similar challenge…she’s trying to clean up her diet, but the people she lives with insist on leaving bowl and bowls of candy out around the house. It’s easy to win one battle with temptation, but nearly impossible to win when the temptation is constant, especially if there are other stressors acting against you, like illness or unemployment. I hope that we can lean on each other going forward, because having someone else there to vent to helps.

I had a bit of a chat with the Fam today about this after writing the first draft of this post. The Hub promised that the pizza was a one-off and that the donuts were only going to be for big ass celebrations. Thing 1 immediately agreed to lift with me so I could get in a second strength training session for the week. Thing 2…well…there’s only so much weight loss help one can expect from an 11-year-old boy with the metabolism of a humming-bird.

I hated posing for my “progress” photo today, given that it shows no progress at all. The only nice thing I can say it that I finally got to wear my new snow boots:


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: Nope. Again. Up 0.2 pounds from last week. I bet most of that is snot, though my whole body is swollen and achy. I hate this.
  • Fitness, only 3.6 hours total, which is horrid:
    • 1 4 mile run, with each footfall sending a shock of pain through my sinuses. This did not motivate me to try for a second run.
    • 2 MMA classes
    • 2 strength training session
  • Food: Not great. Terrible. Donuts twice and take out pizza.
  • Financial: Not as good as the previous week, but not horrible. A little too much mid-week food spending that want’s needed (donuts, bagels, and pizza), but it was done by a family sighing in relief. We agreed that since The Hub has an offer in hand, everyone could have a little $ to treat themselves to something nice. With my budget of $100, I hit J Crew and The Loft, where I was able to pick up a pair of black jeans, three tops, and a scarf, and still have a little left over for when I hit the outlets with Thing 1 tomorrow. Going on a tight budget for two months sure has changed how fiercely I look through the bargain racks.

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