Ship’s Log–January 29th, 2015


Thing 1 had the day off school today, so we spent the morning having a little mother/daughter time at the local camera shop. I have recently received a rather large telephoto lens as a gift (an amazingly awesome gift, to be sure!), and it needed a new bag to safely store it as well as a monopod to support its weight. We also stopped by a local tidal estuary to walk around in the cold and shoot photos of the water birds there with the big, magnificent lens.

I’m going to need to do a lot more lifting if I want to be able to handle this lens with anything resembling ease!

This evening I headed back to the dojo to celebrate The Hub finally signing the paperwork for his new job by beating him up through two solid classes. Yesterday I had tried to fuel up for double classes with a banana and found that to be insufficient, so tonight I went ahead and had a Snicker’s bar, as I still have a few of those hanging out. I don’t generally care for them, but with the combo of sugar and peanuts, they do make for excellent endurance fuel. I made it through both classes fine, at least in terms of energy.

I did however manage to hurt myself. I don’t know what it was (rolling in BJJ? being too aggressive with the pads in MMA?), but by the end of class, I had shooting pain going from my left shoulder-blade through to my left upper chest, right through where my heart out to be. At my age, this gets your attention fast! I’ve had this happen before, though, so I was able to tamp down the panic, and when I didn’t drop to the mat unconscious after the first few minutes, it became clear that something in the connections between my shoulder, upper back, and neck had gone horribly wrong. I couldn’t even manage the planks at the end of class without dropping a knee due to the sensation of being stabbed, and I normally breeze through those. The pain is most intense if I breath in deeply, roll my shoulders back, or raise my arms over my head. I confess to yelping loudly a few times upon moving the wrong way.

It’s not bad enough to need immediate medical attention (I’d have to be a lot worse to put myself through the hassle of an emergency room visit), but it is going to be a long night.

Distance to goal weight: 22.8 pounds


  • 20 push ups, sit ups, and squats
  • 1 hour BJJ
  • 45 minutes MMA


  • Quick cooking oatmeal with apples, raisins, flax, walnuts, and honey
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk


  • Tofurky club with guacamole, lettuce, and tomato on whole wheat toast
  • Kale salad
  • Coffee
  • Another friggin’ donut. This one with vanilla glaze, caramel drizzle, and heath bar crumble

Afternoon Snack:

  • Peppermint tea
  • Hummus with carrots and gluten-free crackers
  • Pre-classes Snickers bar (I was desperate to make it through both without crashing)


  • Homemade vegan pizza with red pepper
  • Mixed greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
  • Glass of pinot grigio
  • Small dish of chocolate chips, raisins, and almonds
  • Chamomile tea

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